2 Days 1 Night in Brunei Darussalam

Have you ever been searching for a serene place to calm down and trying to get an inner peace of mind? Bandar Sri Begawan might be the answer for your wish! ๐Ÿ™‚

In 2018, I had a chance to go for a short getaway to Brunei. Before i went there, people keep on telling me not to expect hustling bustling kind of city, little number of people, and the city practically sleep after sunset. Hearing those things i sort of reckoning my trip but anyway i decided to do it.

Golden Dome Mosque


1. Flights : only by this trip i realise that there are not so many choices to go there. At the benefit of living in Kuala Lumpur, it’s just about right to go because there is a direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bandar Sri Begawan. ( around 2.5Hrs flight )

2. Currency : Did you know? You can use Singapore dollar just fine in this country. Fun fact >> there was an agreement between Singapore & Brunei that their money could be used interchangeably. I am not sure on the minimum amount, but based on my experience they accepted 5SGD.

3. Accommodation : Choose your hotel wisely. It’s true that public transport is one of the main challenge here. Bus only operates from 6 AM – 6 PM and taxi is rare to find. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I would recommend The Brunei Hotel. The hotel located at the city centre near to the ferry and bus station. Other than that they have a free shuttle bus to certain places. In general, Price wise, hotel is quite expensive in Brunei 1 night stay will cost you around 90BND++. Oh, don’t forget to ask your hotel to arrange airport pickup. it’s the most convenient way.

4. Telco : Local SimCard is available at the airport. I couldn’t really recall how much it was. If i am not mistaken it was around 58BND. however, based on my experience the City is quite easy to be explored so you may not need one for local data if your hotel provide WIFI connection.

5. Culture & Religion : You will want to know more about this before you come especially if you want to consume some alcohol and smoke.

1st Day

Time to go off dears! when i arrived i can’t help myself but feeling like in an arabic language test. The signage are mostly written in Jawi. They have it written in English too so please, don’t worry too much. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was just exhilarating for me to see it everywhere. In Malaysia, i’ve found it in Malaysian Ringgit Bank Notes.ย  In Indonesia, it’s rare to find.. honestly, i couldn’t recall i’ve seen one. I will update this later if i could recall it.

Okay, Let’s move on. The hotel was nice enough that they let me have my early check in. After i settled in a bit, i started my journey. Here we go to the Central Bus Station.

Central Bus Station

Their bus route is straight forward and easy to understand. The ride itself will cost you 1 Dollar for one ride. After you find your bus number you could just get in. Once the bus start the ride there will be a person who collect the money and give you the ticket in return. Fret not, you don’t need to have the exact 1 BND. They will be able to give you a change. Bus in Brunei is not a big bus. I can’t really describe it please refer to the picture below and please share – how will you call it?

Jame’ Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque

I fell hard for this mosque. It’s beautiful. It’s the serenity that i am looking for. I spent around 2 hours in this mosque. Please note that i stayed for a prayer so if you are not planning to do so probably put this Mosque within max 1 hour visit. Definitely worth a visit. Don’t skip it.

How to go here? Use Bus no. 01 or 20. It will stop at the gate. The frequency will be around once every hour. I wait like for 30 minutes while hearing bird chirping. Not smart enough to remember the time when i arrived T^T

Blue Mousque – It’s Beautiful don’t skip.

Tamu Kianggeh

I was hungry and hoping to have something to eat here…but i was in despair. This place is more into like a wet market where local bought their food staples. was it because my visiting hour? not sure. In the end i went back to my hotel and ate something nearby.

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque

After stuffing up myself, i went to another mosque. It was very near from the central bus station. You could just walk and spending couple of minutes to get into your destination. At this walking session, i felt like i am melting down due to the heat. OMG! it was super hot which made it as a not-so-amazing experience to walk around. Anyhow, walking was the best option due to my location so there i was..walking and enjoying the scenery. Starting from the gardens up to the coronation arch before finally reaching the mosque. Once you walk down and getting nearer to the mosque, the golden dome will entice your eyes. The whole architecture is an entertaining scene for the eyes. I roamed around the area quite a while. You could refer below for some mementos from that place.

Gadong Night Market

Within this market you will be able to find some local delicacies. It was quite pack with lot of choices. It might be just me.. but since i lived in Malaysia and i am an Indonesian, the taste of food are similar to the usual taste back home. We are neighbouring countries anyway! :9

2nd Day

Learning from my 1st Day experience, i put more layers to combat the heat. I was so determined to have a walking trip along Brunei Darussalam Heritage Trail. For me, I started from Makam Raja Ayang – Timepiece Monument – The secretariat Building – Department of religous Affair – Royal Regalia – Lapau Lama – Chinese Temple

I would say that Regalia Museum was the highlights of all. It was a museum that kept a vast collection of the current King, His Majesty Paduka Seri Baginda Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Muโ€˜izzaddin Waddaulah. By Visiting this museum, you will know more about Brunei Sultanate and the life journey of the King about the education, marriage, coronation, and so on so forth. I was in awed by all of those collection especially for the Sultan’s Jubilee collection. This place made me wonder more about the country and the royal family, considering this place and the beautiful mosques which swept me off my feet. Anyway… the entrance is free and i would suggest you to go come inside.

I ended the herritage walk by passing Chinese Temple before going back to my hotel. It was an enjoyable walk. Bring umbrella, wear sunscreen, put on your sunglasses, and you may like it as i did.

Yep.. i will wrap it up over here as it was the time to go back. Thanks for the new perspectives that you offered Dear Brunei! Wish you were there with me to enjoy the serenity and the walk.


Wizard of Oz the Wonder of Mesmerizing Australia

Have you ever miss your Sahur due to timezone changes during flight? I HAD!

One time, i had to go to Oz ( informal short form of Australia ) on the first day of Ramadhan. Here is what has happened. When i first got into the flight ( i used MH flight), the stewardess asked me if i would like to have breakfast / sahur. I said that i would like to get sahur. done deal. i slept and set my alarm on my sahur time estimation. Nearing the time, sahur was served to couple of passengers and the one behind me. There i was waiting and waiting while hearing the clicking sound of cutlerries behind me. I went warry of the timing and i called the stewardess asking about my sahur and SNAPPED! it came to me, ” what is the current time?” when he mentioned it my heart flung and apparently the passenger behind me heard it too and there gone the clicking sound.. LOL. ๐Ÿ˜€ sorry dude, didn’t mean to hurt you! Anyway, i said to myself, i will live. It was winter and the sun set sooner. Here i come Sydney!

My experience at Sidney airport was good. Immigration was seamless. Btw, Australia doesn’t give you a visa stamp on your passport unless you request for it ( at additional cost ) . They will only give you an email regarding your visa approval. Go get it printed in case there was a delay in the system.

I have a habit to get my internet connection on wherever and whenever i am arrived after flight. So begun my search of local sim card. You could find it easily and it was free! Yeay me! you could top it up, i chose 10 AUD and turn my data on. It was that easy. Then i went look for an OPAL card. OPAL is similar to UK octopus, SG Ezylink, etc. Transportation wise, i went using a cab and it cost me around 100 AUD to get into my accommodation area ( Gulp! )

after getting myself settled down in my logging, i started my adventure. Thanks for the map below i had my guidance and followed it. Started from Hydepark all the way to the Rocks.

It was a good walk. I could enjoy the scenery walking in the park while enjoying the sea breeze touching my face. Not to mention the romantic feeling seeing the withered leaves. It was the start of winter with chilly weather still cold enough for a tropical girl like me. Such a long walk but let’s consider it as my ngabuburit time. When i reached the rocks area, i stop by to get my ice cream. Are you with me? i always want ice cream during winter time! yums! :9

It wasn’t that long after i bought my ice cream the sun set. I have survived the day. Yay Me! i always love Ramadhan as it made me remember a happiness is actually not complicated. The joy of sipping water after a long day. Yet, i was blessed by another thing. I was lucky that my trip crisscross with Vivid Sydney Festival. I could see the lighting around and the spectacle within the vicinity and the famous Sydney Opera House.

Oh Dear, i wish you where there with me to enjoy the day. It would have made it complete. Cheers! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hello Zero Meredian Line!

Did you know about GMT ( greenwhich mean time )? in general, it’s one of the referral when it comes to the timezone within our solar system. It’s commonly use by United Kingdom and its commonwealth and.. also by my beloved country – Indonesia. It looks as per map below, you could see where your country position within it!

http://By TimeZonesBoy – US Central Intelligence Agency, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=22556731

This solar system was at times confusing for me when i was working cross boundaries timezones. I have to mention that this is only one way to indicate a timezone, sometimes my partners will use UTC instead. Hence, i’ve learned that it’s easier to say e.g. 10 AM Jakarta Time / 11 AM Kuala Lumpur Time / 12 PM Japan Time instead of saying 10 AM. ( GMT + 7 ). pssssttt have you noticed that China ( that big giant country ) only has 1 time zone? and how Malaysia & Singapore though located geographically within GMT+7 choose to be at GMT+8?

Nevertheless, i was so excited to finally be at the PRIME LINE! My engineering brain and heart fluttered. That was one moment where i was trying to recall all of those stories of how an observatory works.

If you have a chance to visit UK and Greenwhich while also being partly/wholeheartedly geek like me, please go and get into the observatory area. Inside you could see some histories related with our timezones. Let’s have a look inside.

You will be able to see the history of time and how it’s being measured from time to time. I was in awed on how the journey went on and on up until today. I can’t imagine how to live a life without it. Maybe one day i will be back here and who knows? wish you will be there too being all excited with me! cheers! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Melt Ourselves Away in Siem Reap and Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat, one of the famous world wonder located in Cambodia. This place has become world famous ever since and even more after it was used for tomb raider movie scenes. So, on one fine day without much thinking i made the decision to join my friend to go there!

Angkor Wat

First impression of the city, i was a bit taken aback due to the weather and environment. It was dazzling HOT HOT HOT at its very definition of hot. This is why i put it on the title. It was around 38C or more the weather was very dry. ensure you have sunscreen and well hydrated within the journey. Our guide told us that it was actually better cause there was rain not so long before our arrival after nearly a year without rain. Besides the weather, another thing that i have realised is that there was not so much concrete buildings and the road was just so so. you could forget skycrapers and just enjoy the ride we are using some sort like a cart which pulled by motorcycle.

When you reached the temple complex, you will have to purchase a ticket. It was quite unique as it has your pic on it and somehow work like a passport.

When i was there i visited couple of temples ( maybe more than this but my brain couldn’t recall it ) you could find them below.

  1. Angkor. The biggest one that you shouldn’t miss. we came here 2 times.
  2. Banyon. The one with Face sculpted on it.
  3. Baphuon.
  4. Tra phom – The one in tomb rider
Angkor Wat from the other side. This is the opposite side of my first picture at the top

Overall, the visit was quite enjoyable for me. Wish you where there and could melt yourself away within this complex with us! Cheers!;)

Krakatau Hiking

โ€œsebuah bangsa tidak akan kehilangan sosok pemimpin selama pemudanya sering bertualang di hutan,gunung, dan lautan.โ€ย 
โ€•ย Henry Dunant

Inspired by the quotes above that i first listened to when i joined Indonesian Redcross, i decided to join a trip to Hike Krakatau in 2015 with these peeps! It was an open trip in which i could’t remember anymore where do i had the info from nor do i the complete pics. *sad* speaking of my clumsiness which crashed down the storage.. So here are some of the stories that i dig in from this lil’ brain of mine.

Open trip usually has couple of meeting points, before the port then we could go to the port using bus or you could always meet at the port itself. If you go from Jakarta, we should go to Merak Port. That was my first time i went there. Finally feeling the hustle at the port and experiencing a Ferry boat. oh my it took a long time to load all stuffs to the Ferry. bring somethings to pass time. Once it’s finished. Off we go to Bakauheni port. Fret not, the journey continues to a dock to reach the Sebesi island where our accomodation was located.

About Sebesi Island, guys… Signal + electricity was scarce back then. Hope it’s better this time so essentially you have the off time where you could linger and feel the sea breeze with its calming sound. Good detachment from the city hustle and bustle though i don’t know if i could stay for long. LOL.. sorry i am an internet addict. Anyway, i’ve survived.

Getting into the trip itself, i had several opportunities to snorkle though it wasn’t that great. The current was a bit too rough for me and i think i had a bit of sea sick.. But how could you not love the sea? as for the hikes.. well, it’s pretty mild for a beginner, go there with your own pace and you will be alright. If we could made it, you do too! I enjoyed the ride and hope you too..

wish you were there with us! Cheers! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Another New Year Story

Living in Kuala Lumpur and having Chinese friends made me realise how important Chinese New Year is. This is the time of the year where everyone tried to gather around with their family. Never really been in touch with the festivity beforehand, i couldn’t help myself to be awed by one of the culture which is to have a reunion dinner. It’s an event on CNY Eve where all the family members gather together and eat. Perhaps, it’s like a Thanksgiving or Eid in some sort of way. Imagine the movement especially in China. Billion of people moving together during the same time.

Other than all of that. It’s also a festive season with all of the attractions and shall i say, food? Now, I couldn’t help myself to think about all of the oranges and Yee Sang during this time of the year. And uh oh.. who can skip the lantern in the temples. ๐Ÿ™‚

let me share with you some of the sneak peek..

Penang – Kek Lok Si Temple

It was some sort of an unplanned trip to Penang but My friends an i made it. We went on the CNY day itself and the road was okay. For me, the highlight of this trip was Kek Lok Si temple. The temple was lit by all of the lantern and was so beautiful. Perhaps, it will be even more meaningful if you go there to pray as well. If you would like to see other temple please see my writing here.

Yee Sang

So apparently this is something that has been practiced in Malaysia and Singapore. It’s basically a mix of veggies, protein, crackers, etc. You should mix it using your chopstick and toss it as high as you can while shouting your wish for the year. Some say the higher you toss it then the chance of your wish to come true will be higher. Don’t worry you will only need to use a big plate to accommodate the food when it falls back then you can enjoy the good mix with whoever you had the yee sang with.


Now, all of these nostalgia made me thinking that it’s gonna be another Chinese New Year soon. May you be able to meet your family and enjoy your time with your loved ones.

Let me also use this chance to wish all of you a Happy New Year of 2019. May this year be a good year for all of us with a lot of happiness coming to our life.

Wish you were here to spice up !

Cheers! ๐Ÿ˜‰


2 Days 1 Night in Penang

One out of nowhere plan which bring me to one of my favourite City in Malaysia – Georgetown, Penang! Here are some stories of that trip..



1.Penang Botanical Garden

I flew from different city from my group and we decided to meet up here. The garden wasn’t that stunning when we were there. It’s a big garden with monkeys. ( I think they are civil enough ) and numerous sections for different plants. In the end we just roamed around and moving into the next place. note – it’s free entrance with certain section only open at specific time.

2.Penang Hill

Second place that we visited during that day. From this place you could see the view of the city from the top. There is a train that will bring you up there but the queue was uber long. Not a good deal in a very hot weather. Once, you passed this stage…then… it’s another sunburn hot. LOL. However, you could enjoy a good view. It was a bit cloudy but it was nice too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ we stopped by this place and enjoy our meal and rest before the next destination.


3. Batu Ferringhi Beach

To end the day we went to the beach with the Idea of Enjoying sunset. Too bad..i didn’t pack any for water activities. T^T please don’t repeat my mistake and take some with you. There are numerous water sports that you could try.. *envy* But, hey the beach still nice to stay on. Since none of us ready for water activity we only enjoyed the breeze..another eating.. and waiting for the sunset before going back to the city. At night, there are street market open along the way. Who knows if you could find some over here. I found the famous Apam Balik which ease a bit of food-homesick for me – keep on missing Indonesian Martabak from time to time even when i am writing this.


Later at night we went back to the City and took a bit of a stroll at night to nearby temple. Afterwards, Guys…this is not to be missed place. Nasi Kandar Beratur beside Masjid Kapitan Keling. It will open late at night during the day the shop is being used by another stall. Little did we know once it opens, the queue is supeeerrr Long. Btw, Beratur means queue in english. so, yep, get in line people! and i think this is why they give that name for the stall. long queue. If you ask me, The food itself was good. mild enough for somebody who can’t take strong curry flavour. It Stuffed us just right to end the long day.


Starting the day a bit late, we went out and searched for local type of breakfast. Google brought us over to a nearby local store which turned out to be one of the hot spot! i got bread with egg. tasty! complete it with cold milo and it’s just perfect combination of savoury and sweet with the thought of the aftermath to burn the calories. LOL.

1.Old Town

After the breakfast we went to roam around the Old town section with one objective. Finding the Wall Painting. First of all i think you should have this :

  1. Cap/Umbrella/Sun Glasses/tissue/towel/sunscreen spf 50 please. It’s super hot. You will be drenched in sweat.
  2. Water
  3. Comfortable Shoes as you will walk a lot
  4. Rent bicycle : There are a lot of bicycle types for you to use individually or in a group so don’t worry if you can’t cycle. Your friend could cycle for you. haha.

Now that you set and ready. You could start the journey. If you could stand the heat or going earlier in the morning..the city vibe is lovely. Searching for the classic painting feels like treasure hunt and that’s what excite me. It took us 2 hours until we finally called a quit and continue our journey.

2.Upside down museum

The famous upside down museum. Honestly, this was my first upside down museum and i am far from disappointed. The museum was small but well arranged and managed. Each room has a different team and there will be someone who assist you along the way. They will give you the idea for the pose and arrange people flow from one room to another. You won’t want someone else bombing your pics. Thumbs up for this museum!

3. 3D museum

Another recommended museum is the 3D museum. Well, for me it wasn’t as enjoyable as the upside down museum. though probably it was just because the un-artsy me popping out or simply sad cause this will be my last destination before i have to go and leave the city.

What about the food?

I am lovin’ it! :9 the vibrant food taste, colour, and varieties are enough to cope with quite range of taste palette. Oh, don’t forget to try the Penang Road Famous Chendul. It’s refreshing for a stop during the day.

How did we go around?

Public bus is out of the question as there is no clear schedule. For us we used the online taxi within this journey. Please note that the location within downtown is pretty near to each other. Some trips cost 4 of us only 3 MYR. You could walk on feet but the weather might melt you down.

Uh oh, Time for me to leave the city. Wish you were there too to spice up the journey. Cheers! ๐Ÿ˜‰

10 Items Inside Travelling Pouch

Whoop.. here comes another story of preparing ourselves for a Flight! have you been on a plane,ย  you know that it could be a hassle in putting/getting our stuffs due to space limitation. You don’t want to obstruct people but at the same time you need sometime to get yourself organised. Opening up your cabin bag then tossing your stuffs to your seat before putting it inside the overhead compartment is a hassle.

After couple of times, I realised that I kept on throwing out the same items. So, one day I asked myself, “why don’t I get a pouch for these items?” Then the journey began. It wasn’t that smooth at first but I got used to it..now, packing my things is easier as I just need to put this pouch in my cabin bag. Let’s Un-box it here.. ๐Ÿ˜€

Travell Pouch
1. Passport
It’s obvious that you need this. Bring it with you and don’t leave it behind. If you are an alien like me, don’t forget your ‘alien ID’ if you have one.

2. Pen
It comes handy especially when you need to fill in any arrival card or make some scratches regarding your travelling plan.

3. Data Cable
You will need it to charge your phone/power bank.

4. Power Bank
Imagine…When your flight doesn’t have a power charge. You will need it to ensure your phone has enough battery. Ensure that the capacity is within the allowable limit and written clearly on the body. Some countries are strict on this rule. You don’t wanna have it confiscated. Anyway, this item can’t go to your baggage you need to put it on your cabin bag.

5. Earphone
This is for your in-flight entertainment. Could be used for your own device or even the in-flight screen.

6. Pin / Needle like
Why on earth Triana? Well, It’s for opening my phone’s sim card tray. ๐Ÿ˜€ as you could see in the pic i have some local sim cards and I need this so that i could manage my cards especially when I come back to the home country. Other than that, it could also be used for emergency case such as wardrobe malfunction. Speaking of broken zipper..maybe. ๐Ÿ˜› for me, i am wearing hijab so this could be my hidden stash.

7. Face Mask
The air is super dry up there. I found that by wearing this, it ease my dry-nose / sore throat case. Another plus side : it covers my mouth when I fall asleep and unable to control my face muscle. You know how unappealing we could be during our sleep. Nowadays i see more and more people wearing this during flight. You are not alone. I am with you.

8. Tissue
You could have either wet or dry. I just happened to have both during the time I captured the photo.

9. Plaster
For you who’s as clumsy as me. It’ll be great to have some first aid kit.

10. Small Padlock
Guilty as charge.ย  This is not for in flight. You may need this when you travel on a group or if you have additional baggage after your trip or.. if you stay in a hostel/dorm. They will provide you a cabinet to put your things. Some might come without a lock. It’s always good to have one for security measure. I put it inside my pouch ’cause i have the tendency to lose small items. Putting it inside the pouch eliminate that case.

Those are couple of items that i had with me on one of my recent flight.ย  I know that we are talking about things inside a pouch. However, I would like to credit the pouch itself. I have been with this baby for years and hoping for years to come too. If i may..i would like to recommend you to get the similar pouch as mine. It has 3 compartments with zipper and about the right size. Though it will be unusual for guys to bring this type. You could go with fancier small leather bag. maybe. ๐Ÿ˜€

Hope this writing could give you some ideas on what to pack for your journey! a bit of up close photo of my pouch below! Wish you were there so that someone could take a better pic of my ‘treasure’. i had too much time to kill. Cheers! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Becoming a Dreamcatcher


A small hoop containing a horsehair mesh, or a similar construction of string or yarn, decorated with feathers and beads, believed to give its owner good dreams. Dreamcatchers were originally made by North American Indians. – Oxford dictionary

I was intrigued by this little thing called dreamcatcher after reading a novel. There was no google at that timeย  ( *gulp* now i feel old ) so i could only imagine how it looks like by reading or seeing some illustration from books..one after another.ย  Dreamcatcher was uncommon in a place where i come from. Hence, i could just seeing it from afar wanting to own it one day. LOL. Now, i sound too dramatic.

I finallyย  met my first dreamcatcher last year. It is a dreamcatcher necklace. I found it in a dream catcher shop in Thailand. a lil’ story for you, I had a chance to talk with the owner. He’s Japanese who is living in Thailand.ย  He told me a story that he couldn’t weave a dream catcher. All of the items in the shop was weaved by local. He just gave them the design. Aha! he’s the designer. Some of the following dream catcher in my pic are his. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Cutting the long story short, ever since, it becomes a habit to bring one dream catcher along when i am travelling. I like the magical feeling when i have it in my hand. When i have it, it really feels as if i am catching and harnessing the dreams. At the very least, one of my dream to travel the worlds. As childish as it might sound, every time i look into the necklace i feel like i catch the dreams which made me feel like becoming a “Dream Catcher”.

For me, a dream catcher is not only a thing. It could be a person who is passionate in achieving their dream. i want to be one of them. It’s a symbolisation of how i think a life should be live in. Dare to dream and dare to make it comes true…and here i am wishing you were here and be part of my dream(s). Who knows when our way will criss crossย  each other?

Cheers..! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Comin’ up –ย  wait for the travel experiences!





Bandung and the Hike!

Bandung. i love this city to the bone and i miss this city so much at this very moment. Well, for you who has never been there, Bandung is the capital city of West Java Region in Indonesia. It sits at mountain area so skip it if you are wishing to see beach. However, visit it if you want to see mountain, crater, hill, a bit of chilling weather.. it’s getting hotter over the years.

This time, i would like to share my visit Couple of years ago. Why 2016 feel so far away? i spent some days there with my bestie Nabila As’ad. She had this idea to go to Tahura ( Taman Hutan Raya ) so there we went! I wasn’t ready for a Hike. LOL. i didn’t even have sport shoes with me. I wore my flip flop while wishing she wouldn’t given up on me along the way.

I had to admit that the nature was sooo nice.ย  the weather was cool and the air was fresh. They have already made a pathway so the hike was quite manageable. It’s not only forest and rough path. There are some spots for you to enjoy the moment and to lose yourself in the amazement of your surroundings. You could choose different path which will lead you to several places far away..but don’t forget to try getting into the cave. It will send a bit of shiver on your shoulder. We call it as Japanese – cave one of the historical place during Japan’s ruling in Indonesia.

Afterwards, you could go deeper into the forest or just like us. stop there and enjoy the local delicacies! who can resist the food after an exercise? We need some boost to go down anyway.

Wish you were there and enjoying the scenery with us! Cheers! ๐Ÿ˜‰