Walking to and Inside KL Bird Park

The main reason why i ended up in this place was because my Malaysian friend running out of idea where he should take me to. He knows i love to walk and he really made me walk A LOT! LOL.  This was the road that we walked through that day. I didn’t mind cause there are some parks along the way and i am huge fans of parks so it was a fun walk.

KL bird park

Was the walk paid off? Yes, eventually. This park is very good for family with kids. I could imagine that kids will enjoy this. It’s still enjoyable for me.. but i used to have lots of birds so it’s kinda make me home sick.

KL Bird Park is a large aviary with some parts where you can have a direct interactions with its habitant. The birds and monkeys. Yes, monkeys. They also have some shows so please take a look at the timing ’cause you don’t want to miss it.  My favourite one is the one with the parrots. I had a parrot as a pet so it’s nostalgic show for me. Other than the show, the main star that capture my attention was the Peacock. He tried to get the female attention but too bad it seemed like it didn’t work at that time.

My suggestion is that visit this place in the morning so that you could have enough time to enjoy the whole sceneries.



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