5 Steps to find My New HOME

First of all Congratulations!! you have made your move! Good Job! now, let’s get it started. Continuing my post here i would like to share with you about what i’ve done in searching for a “nest” and some stories that i had.


#1 – Googling and Making a List

Prior to my departure i did some research online for the place to live in. I asked the people in the new place, asking for some recommendation, and of course googling it. I made a list of :

  • Type : i like to keep my option open so i am pretty up to anything decent. 😀 apartment, condo, landed house, name it.
  • Address
  • PIC Name & how to contact
  • Web link –> where i saw it. Hey, it’s good to have a reference. isn’t it?


#2 – Making appointment

This one is basically just need you to pick up the phone or writing emails. Be ready with many types of response. I learned from my experience that people prefer to rent their place to specific type of person e.g. : Where do you come from, your religion, your type of work, etc. In short, the owners are not always welcome you in a way that you expect them to. What i wanted to highlight is that Keep Your Mind Open and don’t let it bothers you.


#3 – Visiting the Place

Now that you have your appointment, let’s visit the place. For me, i was so grateful with how accomodating my upperlings are. In fact, they made it as my utmost priority so i have an ample time to search my dear lovely home.

Some tips from me that you might want to do as well :

  • Don’t go by yourself.  You need accompany to decide and it’s also for a safety reason.
  • Make list of things that you want to check : Internet, Gas, Electricity, Cleaning, Security, Furnitures, Contract, others stuffs.
  • Explore the surroundings. how is the public transport, the access, neighbours, medical facilities ( in case of emergency )


#4 – Deliberating

Next, here comes the deliberating part. It could diverse from Very Easy to Very Hard. My suggestion is that set your boundaries. You came from afar and you might not be that familiar with the place. Thus, what i could recommend is for you to choose the one which near to your workplace, within your budget, and decent.

Living near to the office is awesome. You cut the travelling time, cost, and stress. It might be slightly more expensive but comparing the price with those 3 benefits i would rather opt for this place. I could do more things and i could sleep longer. Time is a resource that we can’t recuperate so use it wisely.

Within your budget and decent. Keep it as minimal as you could. Hence, as long as it covers  basic necessities then it’s fine. You could coupe with your wishes along the way. One of my limit is : the place has to be easy to be reached by an ambulance. Well, actually this is my mother’s limit that i kinda absorb along the way. You might find it pretty weird but you will get it at some point of your life.


#5 – Sign Off A contract and Closing The Deals with the Others

The Closure. After you set up your mind contact the PIC then come by and sign off the contract. Another thing that i did was contacting those whom i visited but i didn’t choose. The idea was to tell them that i already made a choice but it wasn’t theirs. Anyway, this is not compulsory.


Now, You are Done! Hope you have a great home!



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