My First 5 KM – KL Music Run 2016


Once upon a time story, there was a couch potato girl who wanted to change for a better. She started to work out regularly and gaining some confidence in physical activities. Here she was…finding herself in a Fun Run Event!

This is another overdue story, that i was suppose to write a year ago. haha.. 😀

Okay, first of all. i had some injuries years ago so my knee and ankle are not as good as they are suppose to be. Nearing end of 2015, I started to train myself and somehow ended up joining this RUN! It was a fun run with 5KM range. at that time, I thought to myself, “hey! i could do it” so i signed up for it.

It was pretty basic process to join : sign up and pay the fee. You will get a receipt for a kit collection. The basic kit comes in a small cloth bag. It consists of a tshirt, head scarf / Bandana, and rubber wrist band. this is all to be used on the DAY!

KL Music Run 2016 was held at Sepang Circuit. The run itself divided into several parts where in each part they will play music based on theme. I think the length for each parts was around 1 KM each. We had : Rock, Pop, Old School, Hip Hop, and Dance. You could vote for the songs to be played in each part through their website. In which “hit” me a bit when i saw Avril Lavigne – sk8r boi was in OLD SCHOOL LIST. OH NO!!!!! it was one of the biggest hit during my teen years yet now it’s old school. hiks. Anyhow, i kept on running while keeping my tears inside when i heard the song in the Old School section. *wipe*

During the run time, i realised why people call such run as a fun run. It was not a competition so you could setup your own pace. It was crowded so anyhow you can’t really run in fast pace. The other thing was the attire. we had the same t-shirt but basically you could accessorize and wear other stuffs too.  Other than that, Within the section, there were some point of interests where you could see some performances, taking pics, and other group activities. I was caught by a bubble pool and forget my run for sometimes. haha.

However, After all of the obstacles and countless time of stopping by, i could finally see the Light! here comes the finish line! I remembered how I passed the line and being given a medal to finish it. It was great but the thing that matters for me more was the fact how my knee was not screaming after running. it was an achievement and a hard work paid off. all of those sleepy head training times paid off! yeay! please note that 5 KM might not look that much but it was a lot when you have your handicap.

Hold on… Running wasn’t all this event about. There was an aftermath event. They set a stage and had DJ played the music. I like it! i love the songs and the crowd. It was an interesting way to end the activities within the day.

Oh dear.. now, here i am reminiscing the past..wish you were there so we could run together and forget the havoc in our life for a little while! cheers! 😉




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