Legitly Being TKI & TKW

Dear My Fellows… Let’s share our stories of being an immigrant. So in Indonesia, TKI (Tenaga Kerja Indonesia ) and TKW ( Tenaga Kerja Wanita ) are two terms which being used in to describe Indonesian workers who work overseas. The later term is specific to be used for those whose gender is female. So, yes i am was both since I worked in Malaysia for around 2 years ++.

Here is the situation, those two terms are used mainly to describe informal workers so be careful when you use it as it may nudge certain people. I am prone to being miss understood because of my physique so somehow i kind of accepting it. LOL.

Anyway, the administration process for me was quite good. Perhaps because my company took care of it for me. In general these are the process.

  • Get a JOB first before you apply. It is a hustle to get it by yourself so i would recommend to discuss it with your employer.
  • Understand that there are different types of employment pass based on certain job criteria.
  • Complete the documents required. For me it was : CV, Graduation Certificate, Passport, Photo, Employment Letter, Residential information.
  • I need to make a trip to Malaysia to complete the submission. They will take away your passport for a while. Mine took around a week.

It may be more for you, since some of the other documents and process was directly taken care of by my company. After the waiting time, there i have it.. One employment pass stamped on my passport. Honestly, now writing this made me wanting another one. Wooopsss.. 😛

But for now, i will let you have a look for my first stamp. Once you got it, you will become a tax payer so no more tax return will be given. You will need to renew it when you change your passport or when the expiration date has been reached. Please be careful with these as you will have problem with immigration if you miss it and might be banned to enter Malaysia.

Oh, and one more.. when i got this pass i also have a card named i-KAD. I love that card for it gave me the ease of entering / getting out from Malaysia Immigration. You will be considered somehow the same as Malaysian citizen. The immigration has dedicated line for you which queue usually short. Other thing about this pass, you can register yourself so that you could use the E-Gate. awesome right? so don’t forget to do it.

I wish you being inspired and motivated if you aspire to become a TKI just like me. Let’s shape and build a good reputation of Indonesian Worker!



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