When my feet are ‘tied’ to my workbench

Shall i tell you what i do when my feet are ‘tied’ to my workbench?

I’ve been a traveler since..as far as i could remember. However, we are currently living in and unprecedented time under this COVID-19 situation. No physical travel for sometime so I finally get my hiatus after being identified by some as part of – hypermobility community.

I’ve been blessed i know and i’m grateful for being able to live the way i want it to. Traveling was as easy as pack and go. I’ve been doing many throwbacks just so that i could re-live some experiences under this lockdown situation. It got me thinking – this was why i chose my major – Information technology – so that i could live in borderless world. To be able to travel beyond. Well.. that and also a clueless teenage girl choosing a major which looks promising at that time.

During my university years i learned many things starting from the coding, design, UI/UX, governance, project management, etc.. I like it so i kind of strive through it. Landed me here now..working on many. haha.. I mainly work with websites and mobile applications which then opens a vast horizon ahead.

It was nearly a decade ago when i started to be exposed on that environment. Well, at that time i was working on other items mainly on governance so yes, you could name ITIL, TOGAF, COBIT, ISO,many others. I was drowned inside it which was great because then it’s somehow imprinted in my brain and way of thinking. I still worked on that for sometimes applying it for corporate governance, security, infrastructure, policies, sop….until i finally moving bit by bit towards working with website and mobile application – mainly for sales automation. This is the turning point when i started to travel frequently.

Over that experience, i learned something which was then now we know as personas. being on the field with them makes me has that view of considering my end users. The job is tough enough and technology should help instead of making it more complicated. That experience then landed me to another item – developing a D2C ( direct to consumer ) platform from scratch. I can’t be more thankful to all those experience on the field cause it helps a lot. However, before i could complete it there came another opportunity. Working with sales automation in bigger scale not only in the country but within a region so yes, hello Asia Pacific!

Being always attracted to different countries moving to handle a bigger region was a decision which now, looking back, was a right decision. By choosing that, i enlarged my physical coverage. That was when i traveled more and more in bigger scope for both personal and professional purpose. It was priceless to be able to see how diverse human are and how each part has their own challenge. That is also when i was awaken by how being me along with my attributes could get me discriminated. How to finally being the minority. LIFE is not always unicorn and rainbow guys… Biggest learning at that time was to handle all of those differences and applying it into the project management and it stretched you to be more matured i would say. I’ve also started to handle more items including regulations, contract, and budgeting.So yes, i shifted from technical to more managerial role.

Over the time, my geek side started to tickle hence i tried to look into other opportunity which then brought me here to today. In short, i am currently still working with website and mobile application still closely tied to sales and marketing processes with a drip of warehousing and production. What’s different is that within this role i’ve gotta to take a look more on cloud infrastructure, devops, and machine learning.

All those items are actually interwined. We use the mobile and website application as the point of data collection. We develop it by implementing DEVOPS in the CLOUD infrastructure with internet facing connection. We have to think about the security when we are in the internet so here my Governance knowledge start to play its role. We have to think about not only in technical security but also in legal terms. How are we being responsible in the act of collecting and managing the information?

Moving on about data. Okay, great we have our data collected. However, these are the challenges that is very real. Those data can’t talk with each other. We keep them with different codes and description. The act of data cleansing and engineering comes into the picture. There are couple of machine learning comes as well. In the end it’s always how to analyse and make use all those information which one is right to be look right now.

If i could give you an example, let’s take the act of loging in and using a blogging site. My membership and my digital behaviour e.g. cookies will be treated as 1st party data. It’s powerful because you know for sure who is this person and what is this person doing within your platform. Now, let me make it more powerful with other digital tracing be it a partnership with other platform ( 2nd party data ) or getting aggregated 3rd Party data. Boom! you have the info of this person and the digital track. You will know this person interest and activities : what is it that they are looking for, websites visited, type of purchased, location,etc. Therefore you will be able to give more personalised experience. It’s powerful and helpful for both service provider to be more efficient in targeting their customer and for the customer to get something that is more suitable for their needs.

It’s interesting right? and that’s only for one thing. Oh, dear i really like IT, don’t i? 😉 From time to time, when i travel and being exposed to new things i can’t help to think about how i could improve the process or even things that i have in hand with that experience. Well, now that i can’t really go physically, i think this is a good time to soak into those experiences and put it more in context. because isn’t it that’s why we travel? to explore new places, to know more, and to be better than we are at the moment.

More throwback coming and i am thinking to put some tech sprinkle in between… among all the hi and good bye that i had and witnessed. wish you were never part of something that i have to say goodbye to.


Triana Mustika Rukmi.

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