ArtJog 2022

Jogjakarta for me is a city that I spent most of my childhood festive holiday, and there I was years later coming as a tourist to go to ArtJog 2022. Artjog is a yearly event, more of that could be seen here. 2022 event took place in JNM Block and with the ticket price 75K IDR for an adult you could enter the place twice within the same day. I came there as part of my holiday during the weekdays. I would say it was the ideal because it wasn’t very crowded even since the ticket booth. I bought the ticket on the spot and there was no hassle to get one. Once you paid the ticket, they will give you a wristband. It’s waterproof so there is no need to worry on that part.

When you enter the place you will be welcomed by ‘Targigrada’ this part of exhibition kind of taken me aback a bit since it looked foreign but when I read the explanation I could understand why. It is actually to symbolize the resilience that we have during the pandemic situation. A grit to survive – within my own words.

Entering the exhibition deeper, I went to exhibit where Sejauh Mata Memandang put their work “Kisah Punah Kita”. It was to highlight about the endangered animal, their work along with Leuser, and to your surprise you will see the part where you took a picture with a notes that the species inside it is actually the one that could cause extinction of other species.

Going out of that area I went into another exhibit where they show the farming condition whereby the new generation has shift their career out of farming. Farming always has its own corner within me since the older generation of my family did farm so yes, I could relate to the story. Continuing the journey, within the same level, I enjoyed other exhibit too where we could actually take part in making some pieces together. It is actually good like living up our childhood memories. Where we could build, write, stamp, making something. Indeed, actually I was at the part where the creator are not an adult yet. I like their creativity since I seemed to be not able to access it they way they are. Opposite attracts?

After that part, I went to one of the most popular exhibition where there is a slide that you could ride. I like the idea of it like feeling you are on the edge screaming out your lung. the benefit of going in during the workdays.

The building that they used for Artjog2022 has several levels. When I finished with the ground floor, I went to the next floor. Actually i can’t really recall anymore which artwork in which floor. LOL. yet, maybe i could share with you some highlights that really get into me.

Exhibit where they put daily invoices. You know how art is, everyone has their interpretation over the same piece. For me this piece reminds me of the work that I did related to sales and marketing. It just made me reminisce of the old days of mine working with all the invoices and products.

Other than that, I saw the exhibit made from crochet that describe bento yet mixing it with the Indonesian local food made nasi kucing, nasi jinggo, and nasi jamblang to be the highlight. It was quite fun and trigger my memories of each place where the food comes from. They are places that are very dear for me. 😉

There are some other exhibits that caught me too. Paintings which describe todays world where people looks flashy in the social media with all the goods. Painting which show us the main colour and its connection to the greater energy. There was one too as part of digital media showing a video with sound about a house with different weather from sun to rain and morning to night. Of course they mix it with technology and filter. It was an engaging way to interact with visitor. Nearby, there was also an artwork working together with Indonesian army where they perform a dance movement with a song. It was actually triggering some thoughts in my head. Like how the picture really show the tough side of Indonesian army. all the setting was just right to bring us into certain ambience.

Overall, I really like the visit in ARTJOG2022. I like their idea of inclusivity and how they also provide different media and ability for us as the visitor to interact with the artworks. They also have an audio explanation with blank canvas. It was hard for me to use my imagination based on audio explanation like how to imagine all the shape all the colour and so on. In this end, the artworks has been able to bridge the differences then. At least for me, I brought it within me about the other point of view of listening and imagination.

In ARTJOG2022 perhaps because they took place in JNMBlock, a similar concept as the one that the government have in Jakarta as a communal space, there are other things happening too outside the exhibition building such as local market at night, live music, and definitely some cafe and restaurant to grab some refreshment in between.

In the end, I wanted to say bravo for ARTJOG2022. Hope I could see it next year 2023.

Wish you where there to enjoy it and who knows about next year? 😉


Triana Mustika Rukmi


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