Hi There.. Nice to see you!:)

My name is Triana.  In my working time,  i am an IT professional who is highly engaged with sales force automation system. I fell for this domain when i realise how dynamic this domain is with the people, the interaction, and the process in between.

Out of that, i enjoy being a wanderer. My father once told me, there was always a lit in my eyes everytime he brought me out of the house when i was a kid. Then,  i become a person who loves to be on the move and the things that comes with it : Companion, Food, Sceneries, Languanges, Music, Good Reads, and Experience. 

Through this blog i would like to share with you these two things that i really excited about in my life  and how they interact with each other.  IT & Wander.


Triana Mustika Rukmi