Melt Ourselves Away in Siem Reap and Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat, one of the famous world wonder located in Cambodia. This place has become world famous ever since and even more after it was used for tomb raider movie scenes. So, on one fine day without much thinking i made the decision to join my friend to go there!

Angkor Wat

First impression of the city, i was a bit taken aback due to the weather and environment. It was dazzling HOT HOT HOT at its very definition of hot. This is why i put it on the title. It was around 38C or more the weather was very dry. ensure you have sunscreen and well hydrated within the journey. Our guide told us that it was actually better cause there was rain not so long before our arrival after nearly a year without rain. Besides the weather, another thing that i have realised is that there was not so much concrete buildings and the road was just so so. you could forget skycrapers and just enjoy the ride we are using some sort like a cart which pulled by motorcycle.

When you reached the temple complex, you will have to purchase a ticket. It was quite unique as it has your pic on it and somehow work like a passport.

When i was there i visited couple of temples ( maybe more than this but my brain couldn’t recall it ) you could find them below.

  1. Angkor. The biggest one that you shouldn’t miss. we came here 2 times.
  2. Banyon. The one with Face sculpted on it.
  3. Baphuon.
  4. Tra phom – The one in tomb rider
Angkor Wat from the other side. This is the opposite side of my first picture at the top

Overall, the visit was quite enjoyable for me. Wish you where there and could melt yourself away within this complex with us! Cheers!;)