Faire Une Promenade à Lille, France

Tu Me Manques…I visited France years back and there were many first things kind of experience that i can’t shake off my mind. Too bad i wrecked my laptop so the memoirs were long gone. 😦 However, this year i was able to get back. Nope, not to Paris yet but.. C’est Super!

This time, I’ve got the chance to visit Lille. A city close to Belgium and the vibe of scholar city is pretty strong. 😉 I was lucky – that’s what they said – when i was there because it was sunny. uhmm… guys, i am a tropical girl who suffers in that spring weather! i wore my light down jacket and i still felt cold under the sunshine. Anyway, about the city.. hmm.. what should i say? i did nothing very particular here but strolling around.

I started from The Place Charles de Gaulle in the old town area. You may have heard his name as it was used as the name of one of the international Airport in Paris. Charles de Gaulle was the general then president. He was born here and they have his statue in the heart of this place. It’s a busy place with lots of stores around. Many people were there to gather around and it was quite fun to do some people watching here.

Grand Place – Charles de Gaulle

If you walk around this area you will find many old building that was like food for the eyes such as LA VIEILLE BOURSE and OPÉRA DE LILLE. It really really really made me remember the opera in Paris. Something about it attracts your eyes.


Then i continued my stroll to Lille old town and the train station Gare De Lille Flanders. Nearby there is a shopping centre and i was hooked a bit by it. 😛 then.. i was a bit lost here and there ( as usual ) but i managed to find other site. THE NOTRE DAME DE LA TREILLE. If you see the building, you may question it. For me, i was a bit confused as it doesn’t look like the other notre dame that i’ve seen. The Building is like a mix of an old and new structure. I’ll let you see it with your eyes and let me know..

Train Station
Notre Dame

After that place i continued walking to the places around to find my MERVEILLEUX. OMG this food, dessert, cake.. or whatever you want to name it, was heavenly. It was soft and it was with the right balance. Try it! I think the visit to the shop was my longest french sentence when i was there. LOL.. here, you may need it “Je veux une merveilleux s’il vous plait“. Actually, don’t worry. the store employees speak English well. It was just me who, after staying for couple of days in French speaking countries, would like to challenge myself. why not, right? ;D

Hmm… the cake was perfect to end my stroll in Lille. pssst… do you know what is the meaning of merveilleux? it’s you whom i wish were there to take a walk with me while enjoying the wonderful merveilleux.


Triana Mustika Rukmi