The Glimmering Lights of ICT Shah Alam

“Have you ever lost in thought at night while looking at the glimmering night lights? Have you ever feel at ease by doing nothing?”

It was on one fine night when we drove away to the other state near to kuala lumpur. Our goal is to sit and just to enjoy the sceneries at ICT Malaysia or should i say i-City? It is a place where they put lights, bulbs, lamps, you name it at the buildings, trees, and most of the items within the park.  So, yep. You should come at night since it won’t be as beautiful during the day.

When you enter the premise, there is a chance that you might not be able to see the lights directly. It’s because they have several entrance. For mine, i had to go through some attraction first before i finally able to see the garden. From afar you could see how they lit the place inclusive of the ferris wheel.

IMG20161105224602 (2)

Getting nearer to the inside of the park you will see how they put all the lights on the trees. It is somehow brings a tranquility atmosphere for me. What i would suggest is that grab your Cotton Candy and then sit and just enjoy the view! Yummy!:9 I can’t get rid of my hobby to sit and do nothing which then conclude my visit. LOL. i really spent hours doing so.


IMG20161105215954 (2)

other than the garden, there are some attractions like haunted house, some sort of Ice Castle?, a little theme park, wax house, and a small amphitheatre. It’s a good place for a family because you could find something for everyone. Well, in the end wish you were there so that we could make a wish to come back under the wishing tree. Cheers! 😉



Colmar Tropicale the little French Village

I was attracted to this place because people said that this is some sort of a little french quarter which replicate the real “Colmar” in france. I went there.. in one cloudy day. It was beautiful but it will be better when it sunny and i bet it will even be prettier at night.


IMG20161231101956 (2)

First,you will see the gate to enter the french village. After you pass the gate, you will be welcomed by the open spaces, shop lots, and a boulangerie  ( Bakery in French ). You could also go to the tower at the other end of the gate to get a higher view of the village and the city from above.I would say The environment is slightly different than usual archicteture within asian region with all of the bricks and colour. 😉

IMG20161231102807 (2)IMG20161231105746 (2)IMG20161231103409 (2)

Next – Japanese garden. Other than the french village, within the same area they have Japanese Garden. There is a free shuttle operate between this quarter and the garden. If i am not mistaken it will only run every half an hour. please check the timetable so that you could plan your trip in between.

This Garden was calming. the only pack place was the Japanese House. You could enjoy the tea ritual, trying the japanese clothes, and take a picture within the area. Well, for me i just would love to wonder around and enjoy the view. As usual, me and my wandering habit.

Wish you were there to enjoy the view! 😉

IMG20161231114622 (2)IMG20161231115124 (2)


if you will stay in Kuala Lumpur for couple of days, yes you could plan to go here. It’s near from Kuala Lumpur ( around 45 minutes drive ) but if you only have 1 Day i would suggest you to skip this place since at least it will consume half of your day.

Getting There

It’s located out of Kuala Lumpur. It’s in Pahang which is a state near to Kuala Lumpur. In my experience, we are left with 2 options to go there:

  1. To use the shuttle bus service. Please take note that the shuttle bus service is limited so book as soon as you can. It will depart from Berjaya Town Square in Kuala Lumpur.
  2. Drive your own car >> which is the one that i opted to.



Beautiful Thean Hou Temple on Chinese New Year

No matter when you read this… HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!

Living in Kuala Lumpur has opened my eyes to how different Indonesia and Malaysia are. One of it is related with the Chinese culture and tradition. Here, in Kuala Lumpur, i could feel it more than in Indonesia especially during this special occassion of Chinese New Year (CNY).

First of all, please be aware that if you want to enjoy the Chinese New Year festivity, please come before the eve because nearing the day or on the day itself it will be quiet! Most of the malaysian chinese will come back to their hometown then enjoy the family dinner, visiting relatives, etc. Putting it in the simple term, it’s the personal time to spend with friends and family. Some shops will still be open but some will be closed for certain period. Don’t worry though, Mall will still open.  Uh oh.. i could go on about this but let’s focus on one of the ‘Main’ temple in Kuala Lumpur – Thean Hou Temple

Many of my friends said that i should go during CNY because they will lit the temple with Lantern so there i wasvisiting the temple back in 2016. There is no public transport to go there so either you drive or simply use the taxi services to go there. For me it was a mix of taxi + a bit of ‘hiking’. It was sooooo packed and we simply ‘parked’ ourselves on the way there. Hence, my friend and i decided to just take a walk uphill. phew…When we arrived.. Aw… it was all worth it. The lantern was AWESOME. It ignited the place with red colour. IMG20160214193353

You could enter the temple and go into the prayer area. Please be mindfull and do not interrupt those who pray. inside the temple, you could go around and go to the higher level. For me, i could stay in such place and do nothing. The weather was great when i was there and the light was beautiful.


Beside the main building, there are some places that we could visit too. There is a garden behind the main temple. It could be quite scary though cause there are a lot of statues inside the garden. after going to the garden, we could walk down and find a pond where there are quite numbers of animals inside. Well, it was too dark for me so i carried on to another garden. In this garden you could wander around and try to find your Shio explanation. it was quite fun to read 😀

IMG20160214194928 (2)

I spent sometimes in the Temple but i had to end it as i need to save my hungry stomach. Actually, on the way out of the temple you could find stalls at the road side. However, i couldn’t really take it cause i am not sure if it’s halal or not. They look tasty. So, if you don’t have any meal preference as i am i think you will enjoy yourself there!

Overall, i think this temple is worth a visit if you have ever come to Kuala Lumpur. Come by when it’s CNY. Even if it’s not during that time, the temple is located on a hill. At the very least you could still take a peek of the city from uphill.

Oh.. i wish you were there so that we could see the city together. probably next time! Cheers!;)




My First 5 KM – KL Music Run 2016


Once upon a time story, there was a couch potato girl who wanted to change for a better. She started to work out regularly and gaining some confidence in physical activities. Here she was…finding herself in a Fun Run Event!

This is another overdue story, that i was suppose to write a year ago. haha.. 😀

Okay, first of all. i had some injuries years ago so my knee and ankle are not as good as they are suppose to be. Nearing end of 2015, I started to train myself and somehow ended up joining this RUN! It was a fun run with 5KM range. at that time, I thought to myself, “hey! i could do it” so i signed up for it.

It was pretty basic process to join : sign up and pay the fee. You will get a receipt for a kit collection. The basic kit comes in a small cloth bag. It consists of a tshirt, head scarf / Bandana, and rubber wrist band. this is all to be used on the DAY!

KL Music Run 2016 was held at Sepang Circuit. The run itself divided into several parts where in each part they will play music based on theme. I think the length for each parts was around 1 KM each. We had : Rock, Pop, Old School, Hip Hop, and Dance. You could vote for the songs to be played in each part through their website. In which “hit” me a bit when i saw Avril Lavigne – sk8r boi was in OLD SCHOOL LIST. OH NO!!!!! it was one of the biggest hit during my teen years yet now it’s old school. hiks. Anyhow, i kept on running while keeping my tears inside when i heard the song in the Old School section. *wipe*

During the run time, i realised why people call such run as a fun run. It was not a competition so you could setup your own pace. It was crowded so anyhow you can’t really run in fast pace. The other thing was the attire. we had the same t-shirt but basically you could accessorize and wear other stuffs too.  Other than that, Within the section, there were some point of interests where you could see some performances, taking pics, and other group activities. I was caught by a bubble pool and forget my run for sometimes. haha.

However, After all of the obstacles and countless time of stopping by, i could finally see the Light! here comes the finish line! I remembered how I passed the line and being given a medal to finish it. It was great but the thing that matters for me more was the fact how my knee was not screaming after running. it was an achievement and a hard work paid off. all of those sleepy head training times paid off! yeay! please note that 5 KM might not look that much but it was a lot when you have your handicap.

Hold on… Running wasn’t all this event about. There was an aftermath event. They set a stage and had DJ played the music. I like it! i love the songs and the crowd. It was an interesting way to end the activities within the day.

Oh dear.. now, here i am reminiscing the past..wish you were there so we could run together and forget the havoc in our life for a little while! cheers! 😉




Being (Partly) Multilingual For Me…

I’ve grown up in a multilingual environment. When i was able to remember and had an awareness of my surrounding, i have been able to talk mainly in Bahasa Indonesia, partly in Javanese, and very little of English.  At later stage of my life, i picked up other  languages which then help me with my travelling though i am not very good with them.

There are some events regarding ‘foreign’ languages that still very clear for me. For example, I was around 4 years old when i panicked over the phone not knowing how to answer in English properly. I was around 8 years old when people talk in Javanese about how i am not able to communicate in Javanese in front of me. I still remember how uneasy i was since i played dumb at that time. Give me a break, will you? i was still a kid anyway. 😛


However, it doesn’t stop there. The usual case for me now was when i called online taxi. It has happened many times till i give up somehow. The usual conversation would be :

Me (M) : Where are you?

Driver (D) :I am at the pick up point

M: I am at the pick up point. Where are you?

…couple of times later after repetitive and a never ending loop of where are you questions.. we Finally find each other…

D : … ( awkward silence then starting to giggle / laugh )

M : ( thinking to myself what’s wrong)

D: Sorry, but i thought you are a foreigner. I have passed by the place but i was looking for a Causcasian or an American. 

M : Well, i am not local.

D : …. ( another awkward silence ) You are not Malay? 

M : No, i am not. 

And then the conversation will continue on how curious they are on me and my accent. Somehow, they need to be reassured that i spent most of my years in Indonesia and not abroad. 😐

There are couple of others stories but let me stop here for now as actually i just want to write this thing without any proper outline yet. LOL.

Wish you were there so that we could be awkward together!



IPOH Within A Day

One short Trip to IPOH!

Well, i just know that this city is famous for its white coffee but unsure about the rest. So, one day, i proposed to my friends to go there and here is our story for a one day trip in IPOH.

Gua Tempurung

This is suppose to be the first stop, but it was closed! oh dear… there was a crack so they closed it since it’s dangerous. Well, we should have expected this to happened since we tried to call the place before we came here but no one pick up. I wish they have improved their web and information since my group wasn’t the only one who found this only after we arrived.  😦

Kellie’s Castle

Well, honestly this is a big unfinished House then left as ruined. I would say It has its own beauty type but certain rooms gave me chill when i was there. Not so many things to see, but their garden was nice to sit around. Anyhow, since we can’t do so much thing here we moved to another main destination – Ipoh Old Town.

Admission (foreigner) : 5RM

IMG-20160228-WA0029 (2)


I think, it’s common for the old town in Malaysia to have those painting on the walls. As if i know a lot  while I only have been to Penang and Ipoh old town 😛  at first we tried to do some painting hunting. However, It was too much sun to take so the painting hunting turn into food hunting.

There are plenty of cafes and restaurants. Not to mention the snacks along the way. You could just stop by and try some. The star snack that i really love is Tau Fu Fa. I have to admit Ipoh Tau Fu Fa is awesome! you should try some. I tried the one from concubine lane. For those who don’t know tau fu fa was made from soy bean. It’s similar with tofu but in a different texture. You could eat it with syrup made from ginger, brown sugar, etc. My suggestion is to stay with original + ginger.

Other than that, we went to IPOH OLD TOWN WHITE COFFEE. it’s a must try when you are in IPOH. Well, taste wise it has been standardised all over Malaysia but this is something that you can’t miss while you are in IPOH.

Well, there were something else that we did there but it was just sitting and talking among ourselves. This trip was quite unique for me cause actually i went with new friends whom some i have just met on the day we had this trip. Now. that i’m writing this story, i have just realised how ‘brave’ i am. LOL. Hope you can find these type of fellowship to!

Wish you were there. Probably next time. 😉


IMG-20160227-WA0006 (2).jpg



IMG-20160227-WA0008 (2).jpg

IMG-20160228-WA0000 (2)IMG20160227140725 (2)

5 Steps to find My New HOME

First of all Congratulations!! you have made your move! Good Job! now, let’s get it started. Continuing my post here i would like to share with you about what i’ve done in searching for a “nest” and some stories that i had.


#1 – Googling and Making a List

Prior to my departure i did some research online for the place to live in. I asked the people in the new place, asking for some recommendation, and of course googling it. I made a list of :

  • Type : i like to keep my option open so i am pretty up to anything decent. 😀 apartment, condo, landed house, name it.
  • Address
  • PIC Name & how to contact
  • Web link –> where i saw it. Hey, it’s good to have a reference. isn’t it?


#2 – Making appointment

This one is basically just need you to pick up the phone or writing emails. Be ready with many types of response. I learned from my experience that people prefer to rent their place to specific type of person e.g. : Where do you come from, your religion, your type of work, etc. In short, the owners are not always welcome you in a way that you expect them to. What i wanted to highlight is that Keep Your Mind Open and don’t let it bothers you.


#3 – Visiting the Place

Now that you have your appointment, let’s visit the place. For me, i was so grateful with how accomodating my upperlings are. In fact, they made it as my utmost priority so i have an ample time to search my dear lovely home.

Some tips from me that you might want to do as well :

  • Don’t go by yourself.  You need accompany to decide and it’s also for a safety reason.
  • Make list of things that you want to check : Internet, Gas, Electricity, Cleaning, Security, Furnitures, Contract, others stuffs.
  • Explore the surroundings. how is the public transport, the access, neighbours, medical facilities ( in case of emergency )


#4 – Deliberating

Next, here comes the deliberating part. It could diverse from Very Easy to Very Hard. My suggestion is that set your boundaries. You came from afar and you might not be that familiar with the place. Thus, what i could recommend is for you to choose the one which near to your workplace, within your budget, and decent.

Living near to the office is awesome. You cut the travelling time, cost, and stress. It might be slightly more expensive but comparing the price with those 3 benefits i would rather opt for this place. I could do more things and i could sleep longer. Time is a resource that we can’t recuperate so use it wisely.

Within your budget and decent. Keep it as minimal as you could. Hence, as long as it covers  basic necessities then it’s fine. You could coupe with your wishes along the way. One of my limit is : the place has to be easy to be reached by an ambulance. Well, actually this is my mother’s limit that i kinda absorb along the way. You might find it pretty weird but you will get it at some point of your life.


#5 – Sign Off A contract and Closing The Deals with the Others

The Closure. After you set up your mind contact the PIC then come by and sign off the contract. Another thing that i did was contacting those whom i visited but i didn’t choose. The idea was to tell them that i already made a choice but it wasn’t theirs. Anyway, this is not compulsory.


Now, You are Done! Hope you have a great home!



Walking to and Inside KL Bird Park

The main reason why i ended up in this place was because my Malaysian friend running out of idea where he should take me to. He knows i love to walk and he really made me walk A LOT! LOL.  This was the road that we walked through that day. I didn’t mind cause there are some parks along the way and i am huge fans of parks so it was a fun walk.

KL bird park

Was the walk paid off? Yes, eventually. This park is very good for family with kids. I could imagine that kids will enjoy this. It’s still enjoyable for me.. but i used to have lots of birds so it’s kinda make me home sick.

KL Bird Park is a large aviary with some parts where you can have a direct interactions with its habitant. The birds and monkeys. Yes, monkeys. They also have some shows so please take a look at the timing ’cause you don’t want to miss it.  My favourite one is the one with the parrots. I had a parrot as a pet so it’s nostalgic show for me. Other than the show, the main star that capture my attention was the Peacock. He tried to get the female attention but too bad it seemed like it didn’t work at that time.

My suggestion is that visit this place in the morning so that you could have enough time to enjoy the whole sceneries.



Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is Where You Should Start Your Journey in KL

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery ( KLCG ) is one of my top recommendation in the list of Place to visit in KL. I’ve stopped myself from going in now cause i have been there countless time but everytime someone ask me about where to visit in KL i will always recommend this place. This place is awesome as a source of information and as a plus it’s also easy to reach by using public transportation. A tourist friendly place that is not going to rip you off.

When you first reach this place, immerse yourself in its surrounding. There is sultan abdul samad building and the famous dataran merdeka right in front of it. KLCG also surrounded by some museum and old buildings that could be a good place to capture some pics! 😉

Before  you enter you could start by taking picture with I Love KL sign ( i got some ). Once you enter you could see that there is a map on your right side. This map is good to guide you on where you should go as it already has the marks of the places of interest. They provide the print out map so take one and keep it handy for your journey. there is an entrance fee to explore KLCG but i would recommend you to take it. Anyway, this ticket later could be exchange with some items near to the exit gate. Talking about bringing a trinket home. 😉


Continue on the journey inside KLCG, you will be able to see some KL history and some small exhibition which will change from time to time before you finally reach a stair to the main attraction. There is a movie and the city miniature which explain about the city and its future enhancement. I enjoy this site because it could give you a general idea about this city in a glance.

After the movie, the path will bring you to the Arch gallery. The items are cute and artsy. It’s a bit pricy though. Well, it’s handmade so the price is quite understandable. I usually will stop by and wander around a bit just to give some refreshing for my eyes. There is a cafe where you could relax a bit before you continue your journey elsewhere.

All in all this is a good place and before you leave don’t forget to exchange your ticket with something! 🙂



CitraWarna 2015 and the MUD show

2015 - Citrawarna

Citra Warna is an event whereby each of the states in Malaysia will show their talents. My bad..i don’t really have a good pic of this event so i couldn’t really share the visual with you. However, i will still love to note down this event as part of my travelling notes. 😀

There are quite numbers of performance but my favourite would be MUD Performance. MUD is a performance about Kuala Lumpur history and how this city is being formed. It was a mesmerizing performance..well, if it’s not good i won’t be able to stand of my feet to watch it for hours. >.<

if you miss MUD performance in this event, don’t be sad. This show is actually being performed twice daily. I bet your experience will be nicer than mine, cause the usual show is held in a theatre with decent seat and AC! click on this link MUD SHOW  and grab your ticket there.

Hope you enjoy it and you may want to put CitraWarna as one of the event that you would like to see when you visit Kuala Lumpur!