The Enchanting Taj Mahal

Have you lost words on what you see before you? I have. One of it is when i saw Taj Mahal. The road to get here was long yet it was worth it. All the way from Amritsar – New – Delhi – Agra to see it.If you ever happen to go there, behold of the crowd. First, you will need to queue to get your ticket. There is a dedicated line for foreigner though it was also crowded during my visit. The ticket comes in a form of token that it’s good to be used for 3 hours. Yes, there is a limitation of how long you could stay inside. Nonetheless, Once you got in you will be welcomed by a view.

First, you will meet the entrance. There is a gate which connect the place where the workers who developed the building stay and Taj Mahal. That gate and border was built with red brick colour. During that time it has been said that the wall of the gate was full with artworks. Can you see a glimpse of the white Taj Mahal behind it?

The gate to go into taj mahal main area

Moving forward into the red gate, you will be taken aback by the details. The symmetrical composition and all the sculpture all over the place but most importantly by the view of white taj.

Moving forward, the garden will welcome you with its beaut. The balance between left and right is always appetizing for the eyes. Not to mention the reflection within the surface of turquoise water. It has been said that Taj Mahal could change its colour. Too bad i wasn’t able to witness it. I hope you do.

When you are at the center, you could see that there are two buildings around the main building. The left one within the picture is a mosque while the right one is library. The mosque is still functioning and our guide told us that Taj is still closed during Friday prayer time so that the Muslim could do the prayer.

Going further to the center, we tried to enter the mail building from the left as we would like to visit the mosque. When i got there, i met the other Muslim as well and some are performing the prayer. The place of ablution is a pool in between the mosque and the white Taj Mahal. Don’t forget to take off your foot ware when you want to enter. Unfortunately the building has been a bit worn off. I think time has gotten its best out of it. I could only imagine how it looks like in its prime time. It must have been so pretty.

Finishing the mosque visit, we move to the center. Yes, you could enter the main building. We had to wear a protective layer wrapping our shoes. This is to protect the building from any damage. It’s all white marble guys… wow.. just wow. Eaten by the marvelous bulding, There i was went to the queue to get inside. Please exercise your patient as in the inside could only accommodate limited number of people at a time and was a bit dark when i was there.

We couldn’t take picture inside the main building, though i saw many didn’t abide to this rules. Not for me though so i could only tell a story of what i saw. When you enter through the main door there lies the cenotaphs of the late queen and king. It was actually a bit of a chilling experience for me because the real one is actually beneath all of this crowd within the garden level. The cenotaphs was surrounded by a wall looks like an eight sided chamber. Not sure what is such form being called. (^_^”) basically what you could do is look around circling that chamber from entrance through exit by using the same door.

The highlight from the queue experience and seeing the Taj up close, i can’t help but mesmerized. Did you know the pattern within Taj Mahal wall? it’s not painted guys. It’s either made by sculpting the marble or planted the stone within the marble. That amount of works was just crazy. It blew my mind. You could take a look below. Do you see it? the flower pattern was carved. The green, yellow, red colour are stone. it’s not painted! Oh My God. I can’t think of how much does it cost to build this and the dexterity level. Mesmerizing.

Moving forward to the back of Taj Mahal, you could see the river. Over the river at the opposite of Taj Mahal you will see a vast open space. That was the place that has been cleared out by Shah Jahan to build another Taj Mahal in Black. The foundation has been put in place the work has never been finished though had it been finished it will definitely become another world famous story.

Black Taj Mahal Plan

The look of the river marking the end of our stroll of Taj Mahal. We walked out from Taj Mahal right side this time to take a look of the building from another end. If you are a photography enthusiast this place offers you a lot of beautiful angle in which i can’t captured.

Wish you were there so that we could have a lot more beautiful memoirs.

As of now, this is me bidding a good bye to a place that has been on my wish list for so long. See you when i see you and may you stand tall for the years to come. Thank you for being there and become the inspiration of one of my favourite disney story – Aladdin. It really is a whole new world. 🙂


Triana Mustika Rukmi

The Road Taj Mahal

“I can show you the world..shining, shimering, and splendid” – this song plays non stop in my head when Taj Mahal cross in my mind. I would say the trip to Taj Mahal was something that i have in mind since long time ago. I didn’t get my VISA couple of years back ( not sure what is the reason ) it’s just stay there as in progress. So, when i have my e-Visa on hand there is no way i skip Taj Mahal.

It was pretty packed after our trip in Amritsar to see Golden Temple & Wagah Border but we continued on. We packed our bag to go to the next City – New Delhi. It was so early in the morning half awake, we dragged our body back to the airport. Amritsar and New Delhi are quite far from each other. We decided to take airplane for the trip as it will take just about an hour.

You know, Amritsar airport has its own uniqueness. It’s an international airport that is not to small but not to big either. It’s in a size that is just enough. The check-in process was easy but when we got into the boarding room and saw our boarding passes.. “hang on, where is Gate 5?” haha.. Ground floor only have 4 gates yet we are in Gate5. Nonetheless, we just carred on since it wasn’t boarding time yet grabbing some breakfast and drinks. but wait.. what is that? Did i hear bird chirping? OH YES INDEED! not only chirping from afar but inside the lounge just on top of the restaurant. LOL. India you really have my heart. 🙂

Once, it’s already nearing our boarding time, there is no announcement or anything until one officer comes around announcing our flight. Oh dear you really have to be alert all the time. It turned out that our gate is upstairs. A bit of a confusion due to all the development i would say. Anyway, New Delhi here we come.

The flight was short and when we landed we already have a our driver from the hotel waiting. You know what i would share with you that our accommodation this time was so awesome. We stayed at New Delhi Holiday Inn International Airport. The services was good especially for the staff that welcome us. One of my friend fell sick and they really assisted us nicely. We are a happy guest!

Continue on about the trip. I excuse myself from the group for a while to get a local simcard. LOL the problem with an internet addict. I actually felt very uneasy when i am not connected to the internet. Amritsar doesn’t really have the local simcard for tourist so yes, i had a bit of detox over there. Once i get into the stall, in the midst of setting up and only by then the seller told me.. okay this will be online after 8 PM and i was like?? what?? it’s not directly on line?? it was another awed for me. Long story short i returned the sim card and had to go through a tough discussion to get my money back. Dude! i will only stay for a day in Delhi so that is definitely not a kind of solution that i would like to have. so caution for you who have such itinerary like mine.I left off and there we are dropping our baggage at the hotel.

New Delhi Airport – Do you se the hand? – by Mondya P

Our hotel is in New Delhi while Taj Mahal is in another city – Agra. We have looked out for travel options mainly car and train. We were helpless with the train information and in the end decided to rent a car + driver. The trip was long it took around 3 – 4 hours drive one way. So you could imagine going back and fort already took much time…however, let’s just enjoy the ride, shall we? as usual, what is a road trip without rest area stop? we made a stop and i could finally get a taste of India Starbucks. before continuing the journey. :9 and btw, you could still see cow crossing the toll road and i even saw a car drive through another side of the lane. India you really have my heart.

When we reached Agra, it has passed lunch time and really all the snacking along the way didn’t really cope with the appetite. Hence, our local guide suggested us to eat first. It was raining anyway and we just about so lucky that Taj Mahal was closed for official visit from other country. There we are eating some local delicacies. I had to say i love it. I am not a fan of Indian food since i can’t really take some spices but by far staying in India for couple of days, i didn’t have problem eating at all. Now, it left a question : “then what was all those Indian food that i can’t eat before this?”

Indian Starbucks.. yeaaap.. freshen up a bit
This is DELISH! briyani and lamb.

With a full tummy, Finally our friend and i continue our journey to see Taj Mahal. The weather outside was still cloudy after big rain. It was still drizzling but we can’t delay our journey any further.

Reaching Taj Mahal Area, our driver dropped us off at the gate. It was by local regulation that there shouldn’t be personal vehicle within certain perimeter from Taj Mahal. So we got off walk a bit and took a the provided vehicle. It feels a bit like an open safari. 😉 everything was good until we reached the entrance. OH MY GOD. It was very packed. I think thanks to the temporary closure and the huge rain. You could take a glimpse of it over here.

It was chaotic, the queue was crazy. A separate lane for foreigner wasn’t a big help i would say. We were quite lucky since we had a local guide with us so we have things provided though we still need to wait under the rain. Once we got our ticket ( it is in a token form btw ) off we go passing through the entrance. Once we get in, we though that it wasn’t that bad, it wasn’t that pack. Little that we know that we haven’t really enter the place. LOL.

When we finally get in.. oh waw.. all the trip all the effort to get there was worth it! the scenery was so beautiful. No wonder it’s very famous. Oh my, i can’t really contain my happiness seeing that place. Finally, i could see it with my own eyes after hearing about this place uncountable times.

I will tell you about it more detail later on.. as for now.. here is the picture of majestic Taj Mahal for our eyes to see. Wish you were there with us having our eyes wide opened.


Triana Mustika Rukmi