Visiting Kekeunhof in Netherland

One wishlist checked this year! Finally i was able to get into kekeunhof and saw it all. For me,kekeunhof is a big gardern with many types of plants – mainly flowers and mainly tulips. It’s a huge garden in which within that short period of time during spring you could visit to see all those beauties. That’s also why i haven’t been able to cross it up from my wish list until this year since it’s only open on certain period. However, the wait was over this year!

If you plan to get here please check the website over here. It’s the official website in which you could buy the tickets, see the schedule, and getting to know about it better. For me, i purchased the ticket + return bus ride directly from the point in Schiphol Airport. The process was quick and easy. It cost me 27.5 Euro. notes : the cost will be different depending on your package and point of departure and return.

Some tips that i could share with you, go there early in the morning. Well, i went during weekend and apparently 9 AM was still considered as early over there. (LOL early for me usually means 6 AM). I could grab some food from the airport anyway. Bus queue was manageable and the park was still empty.

Entering the park my eyes was so hungry and craving for the red tulip. Little that i know there are that many types of tulip even for the red one. here are some of it for you. Remember Shakespeare once said β€œWhat’s in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Going around the garden, you will find other points of interest as well. Some parts you will see house of tulips, house of orchids, and some exhibitions beside the open air garden. Oh, and they also have a windmills. So if you only have a limited time in Netherland this place will help you to cross some of your to do list. Though, i would still suggest you to go to Zaanse Schans.

oh, one thing that i would like to highlight. During my visit there was this one booth which explain about how to take care of your flowers. i remember two things : 1. type of utensils that you could use to cut the stem, 2. how to cut the stems. This guy explained it in an entertaining way so still remember that you need to cut the stem in 45 degree angle so that it has a wider area for water intake. That way the flower will stay longer. πŸ˜‰

how to treat your flower based on the recipient. πŸ˜€

Coming back about enjoying this place. If you like walking as much as i do, the spring weather is just perfect!The air is fresh, the view is beautiful, and the ice cream is good. How can you resist it to stop on a bench after the long walk? to enjoy this garden i would suggest you to spare at least half a day. considering the trip duration going here back and forth and the time to be spent walking around the garden. In this visit, i spent the AM time within the garden then coming back to Amsterdam to have a lunch by the canal. it’s also a lovely experience which i may post later on. πŸ˜‰

Ice Cream, Anyone?

Whoops.. time to go off now. Hope your experience is as good as i am. if not better!Wish you where there with me to enjoy the ice cream and do nothing. πŸ˜‰


Triana Mustika Rukmi