Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is Where You Should Start Your Journey in KL

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery ( KLCG ) is one of my top recommendation in the list of Place to visit in KL. I’ve stopped myself from going in now cause i have been there countless time but everytime someone ask me about where to visit in KL i will always recommend this place. This place is awesome as a source of information and as a plus it’s also easy to reach by using public transportation. A tourist friendly place that is not going to rip you off.

When you first reach this place, immerse yourself in its surrounding. There is sultan abdul samad building and the famous dataran merdeka right in front of it. KLCG also surrounded by some museum and old buildings that could be a good place to capture some pics! 😉

Before  you enter you could start by taking picture with I Love KL sign ( i got some ). Once you enter you could see that there is a map on your right side. This map is good to guide you on where you should go as it already has the marks of the places of interest. They provide the print out map so take one and keep it handy for your journey. there is an entrance fee to explore KLCG but i would recommend you to take it. Anyway, this ticket later could be exchange with some items near to the exit gate. Talking about bringing a trinket home. 😉


Continue on the journey inside KLCG, you will be able to see some KL history and some small exhibition which will change from time to time before you finally reach a stair to the main attraction. There is a movie and the city miniature which explain about the city and its future enhancement. I enjoy this site because it could give you a general idea about this city in a glance.

After the movie, the path will bring you to the Arch gallery. The items are cute and artsy. It’s a bit pricy though. Well, it’s handmade so the price is quite understandable. I usually will stop by and wander around a bit just to give some refreshing for my eyes. There is a cafe where you could relax a bit before you continue your journey elsewhere.

All in all this is a good place and before you leave don’t forget to exchange your ticket with something! 🙂



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